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NBA reveals Kevin Durant got away with 3 fouls on LeBron James that cost the Cavs the game

These were obvious!

LeBron James was fouled three times by Kevin Durant on two of the final possessions of the Cavaliers and Warriors Christmas Day game, and nothing was called.

Instead, Golden State was awarded the ball on both occasions.

On the first drive, a shove led James to dribble the ball out of bounds.

The second saw two fouls in a span of seconds.

With the Cavs trailing by three points with less than 30 seconds left, James was bumped by Durant once as he was driving, and hit again across the shoulder on his way to the basket. The play was reviewed, but foul calls (or non-calls) can’t be reversed.

Damian Lillard agreed about the non-calls:

On Tuesday evening, the NBA’s last two minute report found all three of the above non-calls should have been fouls. A foul on James was also missed.

The missed calls cost the Cavs the game.