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The Kevin Durant 'KowarD' shirts were made by this Thunder fan in July

We talked to Rich Taylor about his shirt design.

OKLAHOMA CITY — When Kevin Durant ran onto the floor for pregame warmups at Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City fans booed. They hollered. They held up signs. When Durant started shooting, for at least a minute, they cheered every miss.

Rich Taylor was one of those fans. You might have seen his T-shirt design on SportsCenter and Twitter this morning. He and a few friends will be booing Durant all night wearing these, which Taylor had made shortly after Durant made his decision.

You might remember Big Rich from July, when this video of him sticking a For Sale sign in Durant’s yard went viral. (He’s one of the fans I spoke to at the beginning of the season about Oklahoma City’s feelings towards Durant.)

Here’s how the T-shirt came about.

Where’d the design come from?

It came from the for sale sign that I put in his (yard) on the Fourth of July. It said, “For Sale By Coward.” Unfortunately, I didn’t use the K then, but an hour after that I knew I was ready to use the K. I had it ready, we had this shirt ready. We just wanted to show him our dislove and they kind of think they still have some love in Oklahoma City. They have no love, at all. So I had to make something that just showed that.

We’re ready to go tonight. We’re fired up. Just like the coward that he is he comes out with headphones on.

And the cupcake detail just fell into your lap?

The cupcake was a gift from Russ, just like this season’s a gift from Russ, and him signing an extension is a gift from Russ. Russ has this city’s back, you know. When Thunder fans were at an all-time low, Russ put the entire city on his back and showed us that it’s going to be OK and that he’s got us. I put Russ on my back tonight with the cupcake.

So the first time wearing the shirt was this morning?

I actually just had it there. I just showed a couple people. The first time I put it on was coming to this game. I’ve had it for months ready to go.

Yeah, I was gonna say. You had them made up right after he left?

Yeah, we’ve had ‘em just sitting in there. We were ready to go.

You think he’s going to get any cheers at all to start the game?

No. I mean, there’s 10 kids here and they might cheer. You can’t blame a kid for wanting to cheer for him. I blame their parents, it’s terrible parenting. He’ll get a few cheers, but you aren’t going to hear it, you ain’t gonna hear it in here.

You gonna be loud enough that we hear you on TV?

We’ll see, man. We’ll see. He might just play his whole game with his headphones on.