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NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2017 results: Brandon Armstrong, Jason Williams help East dominate West

This was a blowout!

NBA: All-Star Celebrity Game Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

History has been made. The East team won the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday in an enormous victory, pulling away in the second half for a 88-59 final score.

The East, led by musician Win Butler (22 points, 11 rebounds), NBA impersonator Brandon Armstrong (16 points), and former NBA star Jason Williams, kept pouring it on even as the game progressed. “We’re not the Falcons,” East head coach Jemele Hill said during a second half timeout. It was a historic blowout of the West, coached by Hill’s ESPN co-host Michael Smith.

Williams was one of the best parts of the game, spending the entire night looking for chances to throw ridiculous passes. Here’s his famous elbow pass.

Armstrong dropped 16 points, including this James Harden-esque layup. We could question how legal it really was, but why? It looks perfectly normal to me.

The real star was Jarrius Robertson, a kid from New Orleans who is waiting for a liver transplant. The celebs put him in the game in the fourth quarter and he drained a shot.

And don’t worry — he was having fun on and off the court.

In the worst moment of any celebrity game thus far, there was also a mannequin challenge early in the game.

We definitely can’t defend that. Otherwise, great fun was had by all and we’ll see you next year. (Let Obama play!)

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