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LeBron James dunked 7 times in a game, which he hasn’t done since 2009

James is 32 years old, remember!

LeBron James dunked seven times in Thursday’s game against the Detroit Pistons. You can watch all seven right here.

James’ seven dunks are tied for the most times he has dunked in a single game, and he hasn’t done that since 2009.

James finished with 29 points and 12 made field goals on 22 shot attempts. He’s having one of his best three-point shooting seasons, but he missed all six attempts from beyond the arc on Thursday, getting his money’s worth at the rim instead. (Oh, and he also put up a triple-double with 13 rebounds and 10 assists.)

Here’s a cool look at one of the seven dunks from the game.

At least one former teammate was loving it, though he overestimated how many times James actually did dunk.

Despite James’ efforts, Cleveland still lost 106-101 to Detroit.