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Potato Parcel sent potatoes to 150 NBA players, and it's perfect

The potato mystery has been solved and it’s a great story.

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There was a mysterious potato sender taking the NBA by storm over the weekend and it had fans and players alike wondering who was responsible.

Dirk Nowitzki was the first NBA player to post to social media that he had received a potato after scoring 30,000 points in his career. The hilarious photo sent fans on Twitter into a frenzy trying to figure out who sent it as players such as Kevin Durant and Hassan Whiteside also began to post their own potatoes they had received.

In Dirk’s picture you can see the mailing address was from the company Potato Parcel and it turns out, the company was actually behind this the entire time.

It’s quite ironic that Dirk was the first NBA player to post his potato given that Potato Parcel was on Shark Tank last year. While on the show Mark Cuban and the other sharks laughed in the founders’ face at the idea of selling potatoes with messages on them. It’s even more ironic that the company was originally started in Dallas.

When founders Riad Bekhit and Alex Craig got to the show, they had already sold over 12,000 potatoes. In 13 months the company had reached $215,000 in sales. People were really buying these potatoes! It’s a simple concept. Send a message to anyone ... on a potato.

While making their pitch, it was brutal at times for Bekhit and Craig. Even though there were sales coming in, it was hard for the sharks to find value in it and take it seriously. At one point Mark Cuban called it “stupid on a stick” but Craig responded that it was “stupid on a potato.” Fair point.

Cuban continued to question the pair throughout the pitch.

“So seriously. You do $215,000 real dollars and rather than just thinking, ‘we made out like bandits,’ you keep going at it, thinking you’re going to keep the business growing?”

In the end, Potato Parcel actually got an offer from Kevin O’Leary of $50,000 for 10 percent of the company. It may be a weird concept, but people love weird.

So how did we get here? According to For The Win, Bekhit is a huge NBA fan and in hopes to grow the company, he sent out around 150 potatoes to players. This covers almost the starting five of every team in the NBA. Once players started posting these online, it went viral immediately and turned out to be a great marketing campaign for Potato Parcel.

Below are all the potatoes that have been posted to social media so far and we can’t wait to see what else comes in.

S/O to @potato_parcel thanks for the Love lol .... I thought it was some kind of voodoo at first

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If you want to send out a potato of your own, the time is now. Get to shopping.