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Steven Adams and Enes Kanter have the best bromance in the NBA

These two putting out MVP videos for Russell Westbrook is the latest reminder how great they are together.

Steven Adams and Enes Kanter have the best bromance in the NBA, and their new video series — where the Stache Bros become roommates to lobby for Russell Westbrook’s MVP candidacy — proves it. On Monday, the Thunder released one where they interviewed Andre Roberson about whether he would rather guard Westbrook, or hang out with various dangerous animals.

It’s a follow up to last week’s version, where the lovable duo talked about their favorite things — with their love for Westbrook even topping the love they have for their mustaches.

This bromance is by no means artificial, though. Since Kanter was traded to Oklahoma City at the 2015 trade deadline, he and Adams have become fast friends. They’re both international players, both huge humans, and both share similar senses of humor. Both happily volunteer for things like this, where they can crack jokes on video about the team’s superstar.

They frequently hang out outside of work, though.

And Steven had this wonderful reply to one of Kanter’s tweets last summer.

When Kanter was publicly disowned by his Turkish father for voicing political stances, Adams reached out to him about it. That meant a lot to Kanter, he said before this season.

“The most important thing [was] this summer, all these ups and downs and everything, he texted me and was like, ‘Hey man, is everything OK?’” Kanter told The Norman Transcript. “That means a lot to me because a lot of people didn’t want to get into all that kind of stuff.”

Bros forever.