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The Celtics are No. 1. Does it matter?

Good morning. We have that and more in Tuesday’s NBA newsletter.

NBA: Miami Heat at Boston Celtics Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers got trounced by the Spurs on Monday, elevating the Celtics to the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference by a half-game. Much has been made of Cleveland's defensive weakness and seeming vulnerability, despite the Cavaliers leading the conference standings essentially all season to this point.

Will it matter in May, when the East's entrant into the NBA Finals is decided? LeBron James' teams have made six straight NBA Finals. His teams have been the East's No. 1 seed only twice in that span: last season and in 2012-13. The Bulls were the No. 1 seed in 2011 and 2012, the Pacers won it in 2014 and the Hawks took it in 2015.

LeBron's teams went a combined 12-3 against those No. 1 seeds in their respective playoff series.

Now the current Celtics are not those teams, but it bares remembering that no matter how fallible LeBron and his crew look during the regular season, they have been invincible in the Eastern playoffs for a half-dozen years. That is not permanent and it is not foretold. But it's what we know. As such, slow down before digging that grave for the Cavaliers. History indicates they'll get out of the East again.

Scores Galore ...

ORL 112, TOR 131
DET 95, NYK 109
CLE 74, SAS 103
OKC 92, DAL 91
MEM 90, SAC 91
NOP 100, UTA 108

... And Plenty More

If you insist on looking for signs of the Cavaliers' mortality, watching the ease with which Kawhi Leonard swats LeBron should serve you well. In other Father Time Is Undefeated news, LeBron may have hurt his back.

Speaking of Father Time: his game against Vince Carter is currently in triple overtime.

The Brodie is making this MVP race must-watch television. Russell Westbrook just about single-handedly brought the Thunder from down double-digits in 3-1/2 minutes to beat the Mavericks.

Another Ricky O'Donnell mock draft for you. De'Aaron Fox, ladies and gentlemen!

I followed up my weekend piece advocating for the end of the NBA draft by explaining why doing such a thing wouldn't lead to the creation of superteams.

Do not cross Jeanie Buss. On Monday she apparently settled her legal issue with brother Jim Buss, whom she'd fired as chief of basketball operations last month. That resolution including removing him as a trustee for the family's majority slice of the Lakers. He is completely out of the picture now.

There is video of LaVar Ball playing basketball. I could totally see LaVar whooping Michael Jordan one-on-one now, because MJ would be too busy doing this to play defense.

Stein and Lowe report that the Kings have received permission to discuss a job with Sam Hinkie. Woj reports the Kings are looking to insert an executive above Vlade Divac. The Kings say none of this is true.

Awesome piece from Candace Buckner on Kelly Oubre's creativity off of the court and commitment on it.

Nice Chris Mannix column on Erik Spoelstra, the Heat, and a rejection of tanking.

Patrick Beverley lashes out at players who rest, saying they are "disrespecting the game." He also indicates that he thinks players should refuse to rest if directed to do so by coaches.

The Warriors did a really cool thing for a little Steph Curry fan who got swindled by a fake ticket seller.

And finally: Channing Frye and Tim Duncan reveal they used to play World of Warcraft together (with Andrei Kirilenko) at 4 a.m. in the morning and also that Duncan's newborn daughter has a comic book name (Quill, as an ode to Peter Quill aka Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy).