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Oscar Robertson led MVP chants during Russell Westbrook's triple-double ceremony

This was such a cool moment.

The Oklahoma City Thunder held a special presentation before their final home game of the regular season for Russell Westbrook. After Westbrook broke the triple-double record on Sunday, this was his first game back in OKC and a chance for the fans to celebrate with him. Even better was that Oscar Robertson was able to attend the ceremony.

Robertson addressed the crowd by saying “When Russell was on this journey, I felt that I just had to be here. I think that what he has done has been historic in nature. He’s played with passion and pride. You people should really be proud of him and his accomplishment.” He then finished his speech with, "I only have one more thing to say ... MVP!"

The Thunder also played this incredible video before the game to honor Westbrook, and even honored how great Robertson was as well.

This was a very cool moment, and it was even better that Robertson was able to celebrate with OKC and Westbrook.