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Remembering the NBA's playoff theme songs, from Pitbull to Black Eyed Peas

Nothing will ever top ‘Timber.’

Playoffs. Playoffs. Turn up. Playoffs.

2014’s NBA playoffs rendition of Pitbull and Ke$ha’s “Timber” is without a doubt in this world the best intro song ever made. The lyrics were flawlessly stupid and three years later we still remember it in all its glory.

Before we are introduced to 2017’s hit, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable ensembles of the past five years.

2012 NBA on TNT - Linkin Park

Best moment: Russell Westbrook’s disappearing dunk

Best Lyrics: Can’t wait to burn it to the ground

Execution: This was definitely the best theme song in terms of it actually being a good song. The graphics were corny but also ahead of their time so no complaints there. This was certainly good, but forgettable in terms of the video. Could have used some dancing athletes. 7/10

2013 NBA on ABC - featuring Justin Bieber

Best moment: and Dwight Howard’s synchronized dancing

Best Lyrics: I stay in fly attire, keep burnin’ like that fire

Execution: Somehow this 2013 video looks and feels like it was made 30 years ago and I’m here for it. The Joakim Noah chest pounds, the LeBron moves, the excessive Howard dancing... Well done. 8/10

2014 NBA on ESPN - Pitbull featuring Ke$ha

Best moment: Playoffs!

Best Lyrics: If you’re ready for the playoffs say ‘Yeah!’ or Playoffs!

Execution: Everything (playoffs) is (playoffs) perfect (playoffs). 10/10

2015 NBA on ESPN - Black Eyed Peas

Best moment: James Harden saying “Baby”

Best Lyrics: don’t have many choices here so...This is awesome

Execution: REBEL WILSON! This was back when Pitch Perfect was a thing and it was a very topical choice. Shoutout to Kyle Lowry for helping save us from this super annoying song too. Overall this was entertaining even if the song was trash. 6/10

2016 NBA on TNT - Pitbull, Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker

Best moment: Idk maybe Robin Thicke kicking water

Or whatever this Pitbull move is

Best Lyrics: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Execution: Come on. 3/10 because Travis Barker.

Let’s hope 2017 is the opposite of this.

2017’s was Kendrick Lamar, which is awesome