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The extinct SuperSonics have more NBA playoff wins in the last 17 seasons than the Knicks

It’s been that bad.

Seattle SuperSonics v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The New York Knicks proved their dysfunction again on Friday as Phil Jackson voiced his wish for Carmelo Anthony to leave. The team will try and trade him this summer it seems.

That led the team’s only hope, Kristaps Porzingis, to skip his exit interview with the media.

Lost in the madness was a vicious self-own in which the Knicks’ president of basketball operations dissed his own ability to win with Anthony on the team. The difficulties winning basketball pre-dates Jackson’s entrance in 2013. This franchise has been bad for all but one of the last 17 years.

It’s been so terrible that the Seattle SuperSonics, a team which ceased existing in 2008, has totaled more playoff wins since 2001.

In six total playoff series, they lost five and were swept in two.

The Sonics were only in existence for eight of those years, yet matched the Knicks in playoff series wins with one across that 17-year span.

Maybe Anthony isn’t the problem here.