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Warriors uncover new level of playoff domination with 45-point 1st quarter

Even for Golden State, this was unexpected.

The Golden State Warriors are everything beautiful in this world when they’re at their best. They were indeed at their best to open Game 4 against the Portland Trail Blazers, putting the ball into the hoop over and over again to the tune of a 45-22 opening quarter lead.

That’s on pace for a 180-point game and an 88-point win, and the 45 points tied an NBA playoffs record for most in a first quarter ever.

At one point the score was 25-5, and it opened 12-0.

When Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are not only on the same team, but also doing MVP things at the same damn time, what is their opponent supposed to do?

The Warriors smoked the Blazers so bad that it was fun, amazing, sad, depressing, and pitiful all at once.

They didn’t just beat down on the Blazers, they dragged them.

It was an opening quarter slaughter, and even JaVale McGee had something monstrous to add to it.

If the Warriors play like this, can anyone stop them?