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Fred Hoiberg ends press conference when asked if Isaiah Thomas carried the ball

Not surprising this happened.

There has been much talk about Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg and his postgame press conference after Game 4. It was then that he indicated the reason it was hard to guard Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas was because he always carried the ball. He called it “discontinuing” his dribble. After Game 5, a reporter asked Hoiberg if Thomas carried the ball during the game on Wednesday night. Hoiberg said “No” and walked right out of the press conference. To be fair, it was the last question of his segment, but we love drama anyway.

Here is the press conference from Game 4 if you missed it.

“Let me say this. Isaiah Thomas is a hell of a player. An unbelievable competitor. He’s a warrior. Everything he’s going through right now, he had a hell of a game tonight. But when you’re allowed to discontinue your dribble on every possession, he is impossible to guard. He’s impossible to guard. When you’re able to put your hand underneath the ball, and take two or three steps and put it back down, it’s impossible to guard him in those situations.”

The NBA, where something is always happening.