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Tony Parker had vintage performance to eliminate Grizzlies in Game 6

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Tony Parker. Still here.

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs finally put away the Grizzlies in Game 6 on Thursday night. For most of the series and final game, it was Kawhi Leonard who carried the Spurs. But when the Spurs needed two big buckets, Tony Parker was there. Tony Parker is always there.

After a quiet series from the veteran, he stepped up when the Spurs needed him most. First he hit a bucket to put the Spurs up 96-92 with 1:41 to go.

Then he drained another basket to go ahead 98-94 with 50 seconds left. Both were on assists from none other than Leonard.

The Spurs were down 82-79 when Leonard and Parker entered the game with 8:18 to go. The Grizzlies then extended their lead to six with 7:11 remaining, and at that point Leonard scored eight straight points for the Spurs. He later followed that up with the two assists to Parker to seal the deal. The Spurs finished the game on a 22-8 run.

Parker finished the night 11-of-14 from the field with 27 points in the Spurs’ closeout game. San Antonio has been needing someone else to step up and help Leonard in this series. It’s an unusual problem for the Spurs to have, but it’s definitely been a problem. In a closeout Game 6, it was Tony Parker who made that all go away.