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2017 BIG3 draft results: Rashad McCants goes No. 1, Steve Francis goes unpicked

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Strange things are afoot in the BIG3.

BIG3 Press Conference Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for BIG3

The BIG3, a new professional 3-on-3 league starring retired and presumably otherwise underemployed basketball players, had its inaugural draft on Sunday in Las Vegas. We put together a last-minute mock draft just prior to the big event. Clearly, we had no idea what was going to happen.

A couple of high-level retired players who aren’t totally ancient — Steve Francis and Latrell Sprewell — went undrafted. Rashad McCants, who has floated on the fringes of the NBA for seven years or so, went No. 1 overall. Several players who hadn’t been listed in any BIG3 promotional materials, including Kwame Brown, Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams, and Moochie Norris, were picked.

The league’s biggest prospective draw, Allen Iverson, didn’t show up to the draft despite being the coach, captain, and star of his team, 3’s Company. His teammate DerMarr Johnson ended up making the team’s picks (which seem bad on paper). Francis, who seemed quite invested in BIG3 as players collected in Vegas for a combine and scrimmages, going undrafted actually seems quite sad. (Do they have undrafted free agents and roster size limits in the BIG3? We’ll see.)

With that, here are the full BIG3 draft results. Special thanks to the heroes who live-tweeted the affair, Joey Devine and Sean Keane.

1. Trilogy: Rashad McCants

2. 3’s Company: Andre Owens

3. Killer 3s: Reggie Evans

4. Tri-State: Xavier Silas

5. Three-Headed Monsters: Kwame Brown

6. Power: Jerome Williams

7. Ball Hogs: Derrick Byars

8. Ghost Ballers: Maurice Evans

9. Ghost Ballers: Marcus Banks

10. Ball Hogs: Rasual Butler

11. Power: DeShawn Stevenson

12. Three-Headed Monsters: Eddie Basden

13. Tri-State: Lee Nailon

14. Killer 3s: Larry Hughes

15. 3’s Company: Michael Sweetney

16. Trilogy: James White

17. Three-Headed Monsters: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

18. Ball Hogs: Dominic McGuire

19. Trilogy: Dion Glover

20. Power: Moochie Norris

21. 3’s Company: Ruben Patterson

22. Ghost Ballers: Ivan Johnson

23. Tri-State: Mike James

24. Killers 3s: Brian Cook