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Joel Embiid was the best thing about the NBA draft lottery

Appreciate The Process.

To no one’s surprise, the most entertaining person at the 2017 NBA draft lottery was Joel Embiid. Yes, the Philadelphia 76ers may have lost out on the first two picks to the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, but Embiid still won draft lottery night.

He had some sick shoes.

Also, just look at his outfit. The suit is fresh as hell.

It even matched his on-brand drink.

See that there in the bottom left? Yes, it’s a Shirley Temple. (Part of the 3-4 pitcher quota, I assume.)

We even got to witness a little friendly banter between Embiid and Magic Johnson, representing his Lakers.

Of course, Johnson didn’t have to worry, since the Lakers got into the top 3.

And although there were some pretty good reaction shots from all the team representatives, Embiid’s took the cake.

There was joy at realizing the Sixers were in the top 3. There was confusion when the trade for Sacramento’s spot at fifth pick was explained. There was dismay when the 76ers got the third pick slot.

The Sixers should just have Embiid represent them at all major events from now on.