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LaVar Ball is selling 'Stay In Your Lane' shirts following interaction with Kristine Leahy

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They’re listed at $60.

LaVar Ball has us talking about him again, just like he wants. It’s hard to ignore him though, when he’s doing things like this. His latest move is to make a profit off his incident with Kristine Leahy. While on The Herd in mid-May, he told Leahy to “stay in your lane” during a discussion about Big Baller Brand.

Now he’s selling a shirt to remember the moment.

And don’t you worry, Big Baller Brand does in fact market to women. Just stick a slogan on a tank top, and surely all women will now want this shirt.

Kristine Leahy originally had asked LaVar how many pairs of shoes he had sold at the crazy $495 price point. I’d love to know how many screen-printed $60 tank tops he’s going to sell as well.

I’m all for LaVar Ball doing the best he can to support his family and make sure his son succeeds in the NBA, but he continues to take it too far.