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Scott Brooks says he didn't know Wizards 'were going to be this good' after 26-0 run

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The third quarter for the Wizards was incredible.

The Wizards went on a ridiculous 26-0 run to start the third quarter of Game 4 against the Celtics. The game was tied at 48 going into halftime, and the Wizards were up 90-68 going into the fourth quarter.

“Relax, what got us this is stops. Hands! Aggressive! You guys are good, but I didn’t think you were going to be this good,” said Wizards coach Scott Brooks in the huddle.

The third quarter run was full of John Wall goodness.

He also delivered this no-look pass to Otto Porter that sent Washington, D.C., into a frenzy.

The 26-0 run was pretty shocking to everyone watching the game. Apparently it was pretty shocking to Brooks as well.