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The NBA’s Summer of Pettiness has begun

Good morning. We have that and more in Friday’s NBA newsletter.

Poised To Win NBA Finals, Warriors Fans Cheer On Their Team Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Warriors' championship parade was Thursday. Draymond Green took the opportunity to wear a T-shirt mocking the Quicken Loans logo (one that graces the Cavaliers' home arena) and the brevity of the finals, as seen above. He claimed the mocking T-shirt came in response to LeBron James' Ultimate Warrior T-shirt worn a year ago and the various jokes the Cavs had at Golden State's expense throughout the year.

In response, LeBron ended his postseason social media sabbatical to make a Michael Scott joke about the T-shirt. Russell Westbrook and James Harden were among those Instagram followers who liked that post. Petty! Draymond got the last word by screencapping a newly bald LeBron and claiming the Warriors did that to him.

Meanwhile, Kevin Durant returned to Twitter briefly to clap at a few haters.

I love the NBA.

J.Z. Mazlish has three reasons Lonzo Ball, not Markelle Fultz, should be the No. 1 overall pick.

In which I commend the Lakers front office for how it’s navigated the Lonzo Ball minefield thus far.

More Warriors parade highlights.

When the new GM of the Hawks openly admits two weeks before free agency that other teams might offer Paul Millsap more than the Hawks are willing to, that's a bad sign for Millsap's future in Atlanta.

Sally Jenkins writes that the Warriors should visit the White House and shake President Trump's hand. Her case is built on the need to ratchet down political tensions in this country. She writes that it is important to draw a bright line separating contempt and dissent, and that by attending the ceremonial photo op at the White House, the Warriors could do so.

My counter: To believe that Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant could possibly ratchet down the raging waters of modern political discourse by swapping handshakes with Trump is incredibly naive. To ask the Warriors to set aside their personal constitutions to pursue such a fool's errand is absurd. The Warriors should do what they want. There's no upside for them or the country if they visit. This isn't a Disney movie.

Shake-up in the Bucks front office!

The strange feeling of losing without being cursed in Cleveland.

This is a brilliant idea executed brilliantly: Put some beefin' athletes in a house together in The Sims and let the magic happen.

The rise and fall of the high-top sneaker.

The Clippers are moving forward with a plan to build a new arena in Inglewood, southwest of L.A. Inglewood is where the Lakers used to play home games at The Forum and also where the Rams and Chargers are building their new NFL stadium. The new Clippers arena would be funded entirely by Steve Ballmer (good) and be right across the street from the NFL stadium. Apparently, the folks who run The Forum — that'd be MSG, which owns the Knicks and Madison Square Garden, too — are mad.

SB Nation's NBA bloggers have a grand mock draft playing out for you.

Our friends at Racked on the coming jersey patch apocalypse.

Would the Celtics actually take Josh Jackson No. 1? Probably not.

And finally: We learned Thursday that Yahoo! has also let go of Eric Freeman from the Ball Don't Lie team. Eric is a friend and someone I've admired as a writer for a decade before he made it big at The Sporting Blog, FreeDarko, FanHouse, and BDL. I curated a series of books at the long-dead Ballhype in 2008, and Eric (under a pen name) wrote my favorite essay of the bunch: on the We Believe! Warriors and Thomas Pynchon. We're lucky this dude has been writing about basketball all these years, and we're going to be lucky to see his byline somewhere else soon, too. Thanks for recommending Elizabeth Costello to me all those years ago; I still haven't forgotten that book.