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LeBron James held the best birthday party for his son, then dunked on all the kids

James built Bryce a sports complex, then dominated all the games.

Bryce James, the second son of LeBron, had his 10th birthday party on Saturday. Naturally, LeBron went all out with this full-on mini sports complex in his backyard:

The kids got to play basketball, soccer, and football. They also got the chance to get completely wrecked by LeBron:

Look at this! This is a birthday party, and he is showing no mercy to these poor preteens!

This kid is devastated. But I guess it is an honor to lose to the King himself when you’re 10 years old?

Also, see how much LeBron is enjoying himself?

This is LeBron getting ready to hurl a water balloon at a group of kids with nowhere to hide. They were all just innocently playing soccer when LeBron and his wife, Savannah, came out with the balloons and started a full-fledged battle.

Congratulations LeBron, for simultaneously being the best dad ever by throwing this party — and also a little bit of a mean dad by dunking on all these kids.

Happy Father’s Day. (And happy birthday to Bryce.)