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Hassan Whiteside went to the Louvre and roasted some classic art

He gave Snapchat a private tour.

It’s the NBA offseason, which means players are free to do what they want. Hassan Whiteside, for example, is in Europe right now. Specifically, Paris, where he is touring the Louvre.

When you ask Mona Lisa and the second oldest Sphix in the world who getting triple doubles with blocks

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He attempted to have a conversation with the Mona Lisa about defense, and saw a sphinx.

The best parts of his visit, though, were these critiques of statues.

From Athena to Artemis, no one was safe. Whiteside then moved on from the statues to Napoleon’s apartment, which, for the uncultured, has been recreated in the Louvre.

“Not shabby,” he said. He also shared one of Napoleon III’s official portraits with his followers. (Napoleon III was a nephew of the better known Napoleon Bonaparte.)

“Imagine him sliding in the DMs like that. She’s gonna respond.” Imagine indeed.

Then we got to see his wife, whom Whiteside described as “thicker than a bowl of grits.”

Remember to always live your life to the fullest, and dance to James Brown in the middle of the Louvre like nobody is watching.