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Kevin Durant tried so hard to prevent a Draymond Green technical foul. He failed.

It was a laudable effort anyway.

With a little more than two minutes left in the second quarter of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Draymond Green committed a foul. He committed a foul as surely as the sky is blue and water is wet. Richard Jefferson was driving toward the basket for the Cavaliers, and Green made a solid open-field tackle to bring him down.

Green did not like the call, anyway. He sprang up from the court quickly, like a man who had a grievance. His teammate, Kevin Durant, was a very good friend:

A still image:

Durant tried to get Green to chill, as any good friend does when his man is very upset and running up against potentially harsh consequences. But it didn’t ultimately save Green, who still got a technical foul courtesy of referee Monty McCutchen. It was Green’s third tech of the playoffs, after he had 14 this regular season.

Green took a seat on the bench after that.