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LeBron James got taken out by Tristan Thompson, and is somehow OK

We have no clue how James stayed in the game after this.

LeBron James stayed down for more than a minute after running straight into teammate Tristan Thompson in Game 3 on a defensive possession on Wednesday. However, after a long commercial break, James stayed in the game and appears to be fine, somehow.

It was as unfortunate a play as can happen in an NBA game, with both James and Thompson not seeing each other until the second before they collided. It looked like James took the brunt of the impact against his jaw, obviously prompting fears that he might have suffered a concussion. However, ABC’s Doris Burke reported that James briefly talked to Cleveland’s medical staff and then waved them off, immediately scoring a layup after staying in the game.

Later in the quarter, James did this. You tell us — is he OK? He looks OK.

Any other player and you could imagine that they would immediately head back to the locker room. However, James might be the most durable player in the entire league, playing 215 playoff games and never missing one due to injury.

We’ll update this post if there’s any additional information.