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NBA Summer League actually had a game end in ‘Sudden Death’

This is a great rule for Summer League games.

Summer League in Las Vegas is a delightful way for NBA fans to get their basketball fix in the summer months. They can watch rookies make their debuts, returning players fight for roster spots, or they can just come to watch some good old fashioned basketball. That said, no one really wants overtime games in Summer League, and they definitely don’t want double overtime.

On Tuesday night, the Summer League game between the Warriors and Timberwolves actually went to double overtime, tied at 76. But that is when “Sudden Death” kicked in. The first team to score a point wins. Literally. The winning basket cannot come on a free throw so as you’ll see here, it ends on a floater. Beautiful. The Timberwolves went on to beat the Warriors 78-76.

Sure, no real NBA game should ever be determined this way, but it’s perfect for Summer League.