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The Lonzo Ball pendulum swings wildly

Good morning. We have that and more in Thursday’s NBA newsletter.

2017 Las Vegas Summer League - Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After his rough Vegas Summer League debut, those who doubt the NBA potential of Lonzo Ball ramped up the murmurs about how he'd never be a great shooter or scorer in the pros and how that is disqualifying for a modern point guard.

Then Ball got a triple-double in his next game. And then he had a ridiculous 36-11-8-5 game against the Sixers on Wednesday. He didn't wear the ZO2s — he wore purple Kobes. And everyone noticed.

And now the Ball pendulum is swinging hard back the other way.

Talented passers find a way in this league, and if Ball can get to the rim against NBA starters like he can against Summer League starters (still a somewhat open question), he'll be good. His court vision remains his best asset, and that skill is 100 percent NBA ready. He'll be fine.

Reminder: NBA free-agent signing tracker and NBA free-agent and trade-rumor tracker.

R.J. Barrett is the best prospect of his age in the world and carries Canadian basketball's hopes and dreams on his shoulders.

The NBA did something fans have been requesting for years: The league will grant fewer timeouts and limit timeouts in endgame situations more tightly. This is huge! I'm a little sad that this spells the end of the farcical 20-second timeout — all timeouts will be 75 seconds now, which means all timeouts will be three minutes. Teams can only use two timeouts in the final three minutes of a game, which is the biggest change. This is all good for the flow of the game. Good job, NBA Board of Governors!

One more major Board of Governors reform: The trade deadline will now fall on the second Thursday of February to precede All-Star Weekend. No more Boogie Cousins Post All-Star Trade News situations.

Why the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Rockets is taking so long to figure out.

David Waldstein on the exciting life and lonely death of Jackson Vroman.

Peyton Manning tried to make a joke at Kevin Durant's expense at the ESPYs. KD didn't appreciate it.

Very good dunk from Hawks rookie John Collins.

Two years ago, the Thunder wouldn't let Dion Waiters wear No. 13, James Harden's old number. No one really knew why — it's not like OKC was going to retire it or something. Regardless, Paul George will be wearing No. 13 in OKC.

Nice Adi Joseph piece on Dwyane Wade's extensive, eclectic brand portfolio.

Want some good Jazz news? They signed Thabo Sefolosha, Jonas Jerebko, Ekpe Udoh, and Ekpe Udoh's book club. More importantly, Donovan Mitchell looks like a solid young Gordon Hayward replacement.