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These fan-made NBA jerseys are so much better than the real ones

These are some of the best jersey concepts we’ve ever seen!

Nike and the NBA released details on Tuesday about their jersey partnership that will officially take over on Oct. 1, redesigning all jerseys across the league. The biggest change is that there will be four major jerseys for each team, which had fans quite excited about all of the different jersey possibilities.

Brian Begley has been creating jerseys himself and honestly, if Nike released all of his designs, it would be a wild success. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Denver Nuggets

These jerseys are fairly similar to their current set, but bringing the rainbow alternate back would be incredible. Hopefully Nike feels the same way.

Indiana Pacers

The Pacers have stuck to a traditional style in their uniforms for quite some time now, so this change-up would be perfect. The black alternate is great and the Flo Jos should be a permanent staple in the Pacers rotation.

Sacramento Kings

This is simple. GIVE US THE LIGHT BLUE.

Miami Heat

The home and away jerseys are similar to their current look, which is fine, but can we talk about the alternates? The Miami Floridians jerseys need to come back, and the Miami Vice-looking black alternate is beautiful.

Orlando Magic

These again come with only slight tweaks to the home and away jerseys, but what really stood out were the Pride-themed black alternate and, of course, that beautiful Shaq-and-Penny-era pinstripe.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets’ current uniforms are not worthy of James Harden and Chris Paul. Switch to these immediately, and a huge yes to that late ‘90s era jam.

You can check out the rest of the designs here on Brian’s Instagram page. Each set of jerseys has the perfect mix of modern design with a touch of nostalgia. All things that strike NBA fans at the core. Hopefully Nike has the same line of thinking for their new designs.