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Andre Iguodala worked free agency to perfection to get what he wanted from Warriors

Iguodala got a really big payday in the end.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Three Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Andre Iguodala drew out his free agency to perfection, adding as much as $24 million in guaranteed pay to his deal. Golden State came into free agency set to offer him a deal worth somewhere between $12 to $14 million annually with no guaranteed third year, a source confirmed to SB Nation.

But ultimately Iguodala’s threat to leave the organization forced their hand. Now he walks away happy making $48 million over three years, and the Warriors can walk away relieved that they have their entire championship core inked.

Not all free agents would have handled their situation this way, and from a player and fans’ aspect, Iguodala should be commended for getting what he deserves. It takes confidence to threaten to leave quite possibly the best team of all-time. But Iguodala knew his worth.

Let’s review how the 33-year-old got what will probably be the final big payday of his playing career.

Iguodala had a busy first day of free agency.

On Friday night at 9 p.m. west coast time, Iguodala met with the Spurs followed by the Kings in person in Los Angeles, a source told SB Nation. The source confirmed that he received multi-year deals from both. He slept on that.

On Saturday morning, Iguodala met with Rockets, and received a multi-year offer from them as well. He canceled all further meetings because of his strong interest with the team. Both the Sixers and Lakers were involved before that, the sources confirmed.

The threat was there and clear for the Warriors. Iguodala was going to make them sweat the idea of losing him — and in turn maybe a simple title run — over a few million dollars and a guaranteed contract year.

Iguodala remained relentless.

On Saturday night, Iguodala met with Warriors general manager Bob Myers and head coach Steve Kerr in L.A. That’s where he received the offer he was looking for, worth $48 million over three guaranteed years.

That’s $20 to $24 million more in guaranteed than what was to have been originally on the table. That’s excellent negotiating work.

Iguodala played the market to perfection and was confident in his worth around the league. He set a tone that players around the league should follow. Of course, being a former Finals MVP really helped in his specific scenario.