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Steph Curry made fun of LeBron James’ workout video and Kyrie LOVED IT

Cavs fans won’t be happy about this.

LeBron James has been more active than ever on social media this summer, and that might come back to bite him. At Harrison Barnes’ wedding on Saturday night, it appears Steph Curry made fun one of The King’s Instagram videos, with KYRIE IRVING STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!

Here’s the video Curry is probably making fun of (with the same song “First Day Out” by Tee Grizzley playing in the background).

Bald head nut!! #IHearEmPrayingOnMyDownfall #CantStopWontStop #striveforgreatness

A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

Curry is making the same fist-pump motions with a similar face on and his other hand held forward as if he were taking a selfie. This has to be a spoof on the video James posted very shortly after losing in the NBA Finals to Curry’s Warriors.

This mockery is especially juicy because James’ teammate, Irving, recently requested a trade, and he’s reportedly not even returning Cavaliers phone calls. (You can see Irving at the very end of the video with Curry, and at 17 seconds you can see him laughing).

This could just be guys having fun at a wedding, but Cavs fans can’t be pleased watching their point guard egg on Curry after all that’s happening with the team in Cleveland.