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LeBron James called for love and change in response to Donald Trump's remarks on Charlottesville

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James spoke at an event for his foundation.

LeBron James called for love, support and change during an event for his foundation on Tuesday, in response to President Donald Trump’s remarks about a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I know there’s a lot of tragic things happening in Charlottesville,” James said, according to ESPN’s David McMenamin. “I just want to speak on it right now. I have this platform and I’m somebody that has a voice of command, and the only way for us to get better as a society, and for us to get better as people, is love. And that’s the only way we’re going to be able to conquer something as one.

“It’s not about the guy that’s the so-called president of the United States, or whatever the case. It’s not about a teacher that you don’t feel like cares about what’s going on with you every day. It’s not about people that just don’t feel like wanting to give the best energy and effort to you. It’s about us.

“It’s about us looking in the mirror. Kids all the way up to the adults. All of us looking in the mirror and saying, ‘What can we do better to help change?’’ And if we can all do that and give 110 percent and give both foots forward, then that’s all you can ask for. So, shout out to the innocent people in Charlottesville and shout out to everybody across the world that just want to be great and just want to love.”

Just hours earlier, James tweeted that Trump was making hate “fashionable again.”

Steve Nash and Ray Allen also criticized the President over Twitter and Instagram.

Allen called to invoke the 25th amendment: