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How ‘Hoodie Melo’ became our new favorite Melo

Carmelo Anthony has been constantly working out in a hooded sweatshirt and it’s the best thing of the summer.

The 2017 summer has turned into a showcase of offseason workouts of NBA players on Twitter and Instagram, but maybe the most important trend to emerge has been Carmelo Anthony’s alter ego: Hoodie Melo. Hoodie Melo was created after fans began to see him constantly wearing a hoodie while working out, mostly with Chris Brickley. Brickley has become the go-to workout guru for many NBA athletes including Anthony, Kevin Durant, and C.J. McCollum.

Hoodie Melo works out at 2 a.m. Hoodie Melo doesn’t miss. Hoodie Melo makes LeBron James look like a mere mortal.

It was with Brickley that Hoodie Melo began to make his debut. There is a large number of Hoodie Melo appearances on Brickley’s Instagram dating back to May of 2017.

Here are the defining moments as our hero was born.

May 19: Hoodie Melo appears on Instagram

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June 1: Hoodie Melo displays his handles

June 29: All white everything Hoodie Melo

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July 2: Hoodie Melo emerges at 1:49 a.m. running drills on a soccer field in New York.

July 15: Hoodie Melo has no mercy for anyone.

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July 17: Hoodie Melo is out here shooting like Olympic Melo

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July 18: Hoodie Melo teams up with Kyrie Irving for pickup games

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July 28: Hoodie Melo drains a ton of three-pointers then starts shooting free throws left-handed

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Aug. 7: Hoodie Melo drops dimes like a point guard

Aug. 10: Hoodie Melo reveals his hook shot. HIS HOOK SHOT.

Aug. 12: Chris Brickley gives us the Hoodie Melo montage we so rightly deserve.

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Aug. 15: LeBron James flies to NYC to play pickup with Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony but meets Hoodie Melo instead and is unable to stop him.


August 25: Hoodie Melo gets a quick photoshoot and IT IS GOOD.

August 30: Dwyane Wade, believer of Hoodie Melo.

September 25th: Hoodie Melo is traded to Oklahoma City and many wonder if Hoodie Melo will continue AND HE VERY MUCH DID. He took official media day photos in the Hoodie.

Oklahoma City Thunder Media Day Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

September 26: Melo explains how Hoodie Melo started.

"It started with a beanie, like I was just in the gym and I didn't have a haircut, and I was like, 'I'm just gonna go and throw a hat on. I wanted to sweat, and I just started working back out in the summer. From there, it went to a hoodie and it got out, and the phenomenon started. For me, it was just about showing a different focus that I have, a different motivation, and just locking in to what I have to do. And locking myself into the gym, and locking myself into focusing in on my body," Hoodie Melo continued. Because I didn't know what was going to happen. It was so much going on that was surrounding me that I just wanted to find a way that I can just focus in, and that's when Hoodie Melo was created."

October 19: Melo is wearing the hoodie on the bench in a real, live NBA game

October 31:

Hoodie Melo went from the gym, to the court, all the way to a Halloween costume!

Fans have been following along all summer and based on the progression of Hoodie Melo, they’re ready for Anthony’s takeover next season.

Fans even want the NBA to let Melo play in a hoodie next year.

Some even want Hoodie Melo available in NBA 2K18.

Long live Hoodie Melo.