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Kevin Durant is the NBA’s king of the Twitter clap-back. Here’s proof.

Take your meanness into KD’s mentions at your own risk.

Kevin Durant, in addition to being the best scorer alive, is an avid Twitter user. Durant has sent nearly 23,000 tweets since joining the website in 2009. That’s more tweets sent than Durant has points in his regular season career: 19,121.

His first tweet:

Durant has been a frequenter of the service in the years since then.

And over the years — but especially lately, since the Warriors won the NBA Finals in June — Durant has fired off some truly scorching reply tweets. If you slide into Durant’s mentions with weird comments, he will clap back. But if you are nice, Durant will be nice. (This is how most human interactions go.)

On Wednesday, he had a nice, leisurely hoops chat with the rapper Lil Dicky, which started with this exchange:

Durant is cool. He’ll also hit you if you hit him first.

Here are some of Durant’s many Twitter clap-backs of late.

After getting subtweeted over his decision not to visit Donald Trump’s White House if the NBA-champion Warriors are invited:

After being told he’s not a legend:

After someone questioned his work ethic:

After someone used a dog to make a crack about Durant’s free agency:

After another free agency/Warriors joke:

After a different free agency comment:

After having his basketball history knowledge called into question:

After someone questioned the Warriors’ Western Conference supremacy following the Rockets’ acquisition of Chris Paul:

After someone called him out for a grammatical redundancy:

After someone invited him to join his podcast:

After someone denigrated him as just a role player:

After someone made an unfounded, veiled accusation about his personal life:

(And when that same person called him a snake:)

After someone questioned his commitment to his teammates:

After someone commented independently about a social encounter he said he’d had with Timberwolves forward Adreian Payne:

After someone responded to a question he asked of all his followers:

That last one is honestly really nice. It’s good to see people tweeting nice things to KD instead of just being mean. And it’s nice Durant gave the tweeter thanks. It’s all nice.

At least when people are nice to Durant on Twitter.