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Kyrie Irving trade means 'NBA 2k18' now has the wrong cover jersey

Kyrie Irving's NBA 2K18 cover is already outdated thanks to the Cavs-Celtics trade.

NBA 2K18 comes out on Sept. 19, and its cover athlete is wearing the wrong jersey. Kyrie Irving was traded to the Celtics on Aug. 22, just a month before the game releases in stores everywhere.

It’s possible that the team at 2K has a plan for this but it would seem awfully hard to do this late in the game.

This happened once before on the cover of Madden. Brett Favre was shipped as a Packer but EA later put out a new printable cover with Favre as a Jet.

This also confirms the conspiracy that the NBA 2K cover is a curse for fans and their teams.

NBA 2K14 (2013): LeBron James leaves Miami the next year to return to Cleveland.

NBA 2K15 (2014): Kevin Durant leaves the Thunder and goes to the Warriors in 2016.

NBA 2K17 (2016): Paul George traded to Thunder in 2017.

NBA 2K18 (2017): Kyrie Irving traded to Celtics in 2017.

Our sincere apologies to everyone at 2K who now has to deal with this headache.