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Ice Cube suspended Allen Iverson. 2017, huh?

Good morning. We have that and more in Thursday’s NBA newsletter.

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BIG3 - Week Six Photo by Ron Jenkins/BIG3/Getty Images

Ice Cube, you may recall, is the commissioner of the BIG3, a 3-on-3 basketball league filled primarily with retired NBA players and those who exist on the fringe of the league. Allen Iverson is BIG3's most famous star. The league is actually doing fair in the ratings, despite being tape-delayed.

Iverson no-showed his team's game on Sunday. So Ice Cube suspended him for next week's game.

Ice Cube suspended Allen Iverson in a basketball league in 2017. We live in strange times, my friends.

Andrew Wiggins wants a max contract extension. Can the Timberwolves afford to give it to him before knowing just how good they are now?

Absolutely fascinating piece on Darko Milicic by Sam Borden. This goes beyond other recent profiles of Darko you've read. Check it out.

Danny Crawford, one of the best NBA officials, is retiring. He's worked 23 straight NBA Finals series.

In appreciation of the Warriors' community activism.

A former Volunteer is honoring Pat Summitt by cycling a mile for every win for the late Tennessee legend, all 1,098 of them.

The NBA opened up rules about wearing road jerseys at home. Essentially, they are no longer home or road jerseys. So the Bulls are going to wear their reds at home this year.

Beyoncé wants to be involved in Rockets ownership. My desire to see her and Rihanna amid a Cavs-Rockets Finals is outweighed by my fear at what Daryl Morey might tweet about his boss.

Kristaps Porzingis is now happy to be a Knick and calls New York his home. I wonder what changed?

On Dikembe Mutombo's role growing the game in Africa.

Speaking of which, here's Jon Givony on a top-flight Malian prospect named Oumar Ballo.

Joe Dumars is an agent now.