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Follow Slovenia’s run to the Eurobasket 2017 championship

Spain was looking to defend its title. Instead, tiny Slovenia won the title without a loss.

The 40th edition of EuroBasket, the biggest international basketball competition in Europe, is over. Slovenia, a tiny nation with around 2 million people, are your champions after defeating Serbia in the championship game and defending champion Spain in the semifinals.

Led by Miami Heat star Goran Dragic and 18-year-old phenom Luka Doncic, Slovenia rolled through the tournament without a loss. But its mettle was tested late in the final, when Doncic and Dragic both exited with injuries. Led by Anthony Randolph and Klemen Prepelic, Slovenia held off Serbia for an eight-point victory.

The 24-team competition will ran through Sept. 17, with the results factoring into who will qualify for the FIBA World Cup in 2019.

Finland, Israel, Romania, and Turkey played hosts for the 2017 EuroBasket, which opened with a round robin preliminary stage. The teams were split into four groups of six, with the top four finishers in each group advancing to a 16-team knockout stage starting on Sept. 9.

Teams that participated in the tournament include the four host countries, nine countries that played in the 2016 Olympics or the 2016 Olympic qualifying tournament, and 11 countries that earned spots through qualification that occurred in the fall of last year.

Romania was appearing in EuroBasket for the first time since 1987 as a result of being a host. The team’s last appearance was rough, as it went 0-7 to finish 12th out of 12 teams. Romania went 0-5 this time around.

The defending champion in the tournament was Spain, which had won gold in three of the past four EuroBaskets. The only time it didn’t was in 2013, when Tony Parker and France pulled off the victory in the gold medal final, forcing Spain to settle for silver.

This time, though, Luka Doncic and Slovenia ran circles around them in the semifinals. The 20-point loss raises questions about Spain’s future, especially as its core ages. Spain did recover to win the bronze medal over Russia.

Eurobasket format

The 24 teams arweree split into four groups of six, with each team playing the other five in its group via a round robin structure. The top four finishers in each group advanced to the 16-team knockout stage, which operated like your usual bracket with winners advancing to the next round and losers eliminated. The gold medal game and third-place games were set for Sept. 17 in Istanbul.

Eurobasket results

GOLD: Slovenia
SILVER: Serbia

4th: Russia
Quarterfinals: Greece, Italy, Germany, Latvia
ROUND OF 16: France, Turkey (host), Lithuania, Ukraine, Croatia, Finland (host), Hungary, Montenegro
GROUP STAGE: Israel (host), Romania (host), Belgium, Poland, Georgia, Iceland, Great Britain, Czech Republic

Eurobasket preliminary round results

Group A

Aug. 31
Slovenia def. Poland, 90-81
Greece def. Iceland, 90-61
Finland def. France, 86-84

Sept. 2
Poland def. Iceland, 91-61
France def. Greece, 95-87
Slovenia def. Finland, 81-78

Sept. 3
France def. Iceland, 115-79
Slovenia def. Greece, 78-72
Finland def. Poland, 90-87

Sept. 5
Slovenia def. Iceland, 102-75
France def. Poland, 78-85
Finland def. Greece, 89-77

Sept. 6
Slovenia def. France, 95-78
Greece def. Poland, 95-77
Finland def. Iceland, 83-79

Group B

Aug. 31
Germany def. Ukraine, 75-63
Georgia def. Lithuania, 79-77
Italy def. Israel, 69-48

Sept. 2
Germany def. Georgia, 67-57
Italy def. Ukraine, 78-66
Lithuania def. Israel, 88-73

Sept. 3
Ukraine def. Georgia, 88-81
Lithuania def. Italy, 78-73
Israel def. Germany, 82-80

Sept. 5
Lithuania def. Ukraine, 94-62
Germany def. Italy, 61-55
Georgia def. Israel, 104-91

Sept. 6
Lithuania def. Germany, 89-72.
Italy def. Georgia, 71-69
Ukraine def. Israel, 88-64

Group C

Sept. 1
Croatia def. Hungary, 67-58
Spain def. Montenegro, 99-60
Czech Republic def. Romania, 83-68

Sept. 2
Montenegro def. Hungary, 72-48
Spain def. Czech Republic, 96-53
Croatia def. Romania, 74-58

Sept. 4
Hungary def. Czech Republic, 85-73
Croatia def. Montenegro, 76-72
Spain def. Romania, 91-59

Sept. 5
Montenegro def. Czech Republic, 88-75
Spain def. Croatia, 79-73
Hungary def. Romania, 80-71

Sept. 7
Crotia def. Czech Republic, 107-69
Spain def. Hungary, 87-64
Montenegro def. Romania, 86-69

Group D

Sept. 1
Belgium def. Great Britain, 103-90
Serbia def. Latvia, 92-82
Russia def. Turkey, 76-73

Sept. 2
Latvia def. Belgium, 92-64
Russia def. Serbia, 75-72
Turkey def. Great Britain, 84-70

Sept. 4
Latvia def. Great Britain, 97-92
Russia def. Belgium, 76-67
Serbia def. Turkey, 80-74

Sept. 5
Latvia def. Russia, 84-69
Serbia def. Great Britain, 82-68
Turkey def. Belgium, 78-65

Sept. 7
Russia def. Great Britain, 82-70
Serbia def. Belgium, 74-54
Latvia def. Turkey, 89-79

Eurobasketball bracket results

(All times Eastern)

Round of 16

Germany def. France, 84-81
Spain def. Turkey, 73-56
Slovenia def. Ukraine, 79-55
Greece def. Lithuania, 77-64
Russia def. Croatia, 101-78
Italy def. Finland, 70-57
Serbia def Hungary, 86-78
Latvia def. Montenegro, 100-68


Sept. 12
Spain def. Germany, 84-72
Slovenia def. Latvia, 103-97


Sept. 14
Slovenia def. Spain, 92-72

Sept. 15
Serbia def. Russia, 87-79

Final and third-place game

Sept. 17
BRONZE MEDAL GAME: Spain def. Russia, 93-85
GOLD MEDAL GAME: Slovenia def. Serbia, 93-85