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Steph Curry beat professional golfers at their own sport

What are you bad at, Steph?

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Ellie Mae Classic - Round One Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Steph Curry, the NBA basketball player who plays basketball year-round, is good enough at golf to beat six other professional players (three withdrew) in a tournament. He did just that at the Tour, which is sort of like what the G-League is to the NBA, the last two days, carding a 4-over 74 in each of his first two rounds. That wasn’t close to making the cut (he was 11 strokes off), but it was pretty impressive for a basketball player who is merely a fan of the sport and only plays in his off time.

Curry shot a 148 overall, eight strokes above par, so he by no means was competitive amongst the Tour’s top players. He bogeyed four holes and double-bogeyed another, but exceeded expectations.

The betting line had Curry’s lowest score for any single round over/under 76.5. He shot under that on both days. Golfer Steve Wheatcroft said there was “no chance in hell” he’d break 76. He ate those words.

This is pretty cool! And unlike Michael Jordan or Tim Tebow he didn’t leave his original sport to test the waters of another. This is just some casual offseason fun. We’ve seen video of him playing golf against the likes of Barack Obama before, but we’ve never seen him perform like this in front of a crowd.

Twitter was impressed:

Curry finished 148th overall out of 156 players. His driving accuracy was 3.85 percent above average; his driving distance was seven yards below average; and his greens in regulation percentage was just 2.78 percent below average at 44 percent. None of that would be good for a pro golfer on tour, but it’s not embarrassing at all — especially not for an active pro player in another sport.

Steph Curry is a special athlete. To win an MVP award in the NBA is an incredible feat. To win it twice almost never happens. To also be really good at golf is pretty freaking unfair. What are you bad at Steph Curry? TELL US. This guy can do it all, yet six teams picked another player over him in the 2009 NBA draft. What were they thinking?