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Kristaps Porzingis is doing unicorn things at NBA Africa Game

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Kristaps has been putting in WORK.

It’s been four months since Kristaps Porzingis last played basketball on TV, but guess what? He’s still a beautiful unicorn and did beautiful unicorn things at the NBA Africa Game on Saturday.

A Kyle Lowry lob wasn’t timed accurately in the first quarter, but that was no big deal for Porzingis. He just used his freakishly long arms to high-five the ball and lay it in while he got fouled.

We’ve missed you, Kristaps.

That wasn’t it for his first half performance either. The 7’3 big man also put the ball on the floor like a guard and finished a cross-over into step-back jumper.

How many other seven-footers can face-up against Gorgui Dieng and do THAT?

Twitter took notice of it too:

(We really hope they don’t, Uncle Tony).

Porzingis is in for a big year with the Knicks. He’s separated himself as one of the league’s best young talents, and as he showed on Saturday, he’s only getting better.