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25 years later, you can still buy Dream Team merchandise, even these empty Doritos bags

You can find anything you want on the internet.

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The Dream Team won gold 25 years ago today, defeating Croatia by 32 points in the final game and cementing itself as one of the most iconic sports teams of all time. But I can’t help that every time I see pictures or video footage of this team, I get lost in how ridiculously great its jackets and jerseys were. Look!

So as we honor 25 years of this great team, it also made me wonder what other crazy Dream Team vintage items exist in the world today. Nineteen ninety-two was a bold time for design and pop culture, so I knew my results would not let me down. This isn’t a search for vintage jerseys — those are easy to find. We’re looking for other stuff.

1992 Kellogg's USA Olympic Basketball Jacket

Someone needs to be wearing this at a music festival as soon as possible. How often do you get this many legends on a jacket that looks like its made out of the same material they make tarps out of. Makes me wonder if these were stuffed inside actual Kellogg’s cereal boxes.

McDonald’s Dream Team Cups

I wish McDonald’s still did promotional things like this. I don’t need an excuse to eat more cheeseburgers from that establishment but I’ll take one to make myself feel better about it.

If you don’t need the entire set, you can get individual cups too!

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson Together at Last T-shirt

I’m not sure anyone every really wanted Larry Bird and Magic Johnson to play on the same team in NBA, or college for that matter, but it was fun that these two storied rivals joined forces on the Dream Team. This shirt is extremely 1992.

Dream Team Potato Chip Bags

These are technically from the 1996, Dream Team II, but I couldn’t pass up old and used potato chip bags. The description on these reads as:

USED: “Bags are all empty, some crinkling, most are pretty nice. Small Doritos bag has a small tear near ”

Magic Johnson signed Zubaz hat

OK this is going for $1500 so it’s not an easy grab but it’s a ZUBAZ TEAM USA HAT. I did find a Chris Mullin version that is not signed and much cheaper if you’re into that kind of thing.

Dream Team Folder

Another honorary 1996 item, but elementary school me wanted this folder so much.

Dream Team Calendar

This calendar may be from 1992 but you can actually use this again in 2020, 2048, and 2076. So ... what are you waiting on?

Honorable mention items:

USA Basketball Dream Team 1992 starting line-up figurine set

USA Basketball Dream Team button

Ultimate Dream Team dad hat

1992 World Champions pennant

I apologize if any of these items are unavailable when you finish reading this. That means I probably bought them all.