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The fuzzy morals of the FBI’s college basketball investigation

Good morning. We have that and more in Wednesday’s NBA newsletter.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Michigan vs Louisville Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

The FBI announced a wide-ranging investigating into SCANDAL in college basketball on Tuesday. This particular mission involves schemes in which sneaker companies pay the families of top high school prospects to attend a certain college, and college coaches convince their best players to sign with certain agents and managers as they begin their pro careers. These agents and managers have won the college coaches' trust via cash payments and sponsorship deals from sneaker companies, namely Adidas.

Confused yet? Here's a nice explainer.

The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York put out the above chart to explain it as simply as possible. As everyone has noted, this is one of those things that was always assumed to happen. Now we have confirmation. Thanks, FBI!

Among those caught up in the case: Chuck "The Rifleman" Person, who is an assistant at Auburn; Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State; Emanuel Richardson of Arizona; and coaches at USC, Louisville and Miami. Adidas is heavily involved. NBA agent Andy Miller's office got raided late Tuesday. They got Person with someone wearing a wire. Louisville was already in trouble. This scandal has been years in the making. This thing is going to be mighty wide-ranging.

It does not, however, go after everyone who unfairly profits off of young basketball stars. Like, for instance, the NCAA itself, or every major program head basketball coach, or most major program athletic directors. These particular coaches allegedly did some real goofy, greedy, and dumb things. Pushing a 19-year-old kid who trusts you to a certain manager because that guy gave you $15,000 is beyond gross. But then so is the entire sport's financial underpinning. The FBI is enforcing the law, of course, and these people allegedly violated it. But I struggle to understand where we draw the line on morals here.

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