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Did Elfrid Payton's hair cause him to airball a 7-foot shot?

No one plays defense on Elfrid Payton like his own hair.

Elfrid Payton’s hair is often a topic of discussion in the NBA? Why? Because honestly he’s the only player out there trying to pull something like this off while also playing in the league.

Detroit at Orlando Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda/Orlando Sentinel/TNS via Getty Images

But we really talk about Payton’s hair because it appears of often negatively affect his game. The part of his hair that floats forward has often gotten in the way of his shot.

Like Monday against the Nets, when he air-balled a seven-footer. His hair is literally playing better defense than DeMarre Carroll in this play.

What comes into question here though is did the hair block the actual shot or did it just his vision?

Either answer is bad and, to be honest, the hair appears to be an all-around distraction of some manner. It’s hitting him in the face while he shoots. It’s covering his eyes. It’s an entire situation.

I’m all for self expression, and I even like Payton’s hair! But air-balling seven-footers is bad. Like really bad. And I think it may be finally time for him to try something new.