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Andre Drummond is SO MAD ONLINE about missing the All-Star Game

This is peak NBA.

Andre Drummond is really, really, really, really, really mad about not making the All-Star Game. And like the 20-something he is, he took his anger out on Twitter.

Drummond has somewhat of a case. His Pistons team started off red hot, outperforming expectations, and currently sits with a 22-23 record. This Pistons team was not supposed to be very good, but it could land a playoff spot.

His play has been great as well. He’s averaging 14.3 points and a career-high 15 rebounds and a career-high 3.9 assists. A career 40.6 percent free-throw shooter, he’s also boosted his numbers to 62.9 percent at the stripe! He’s improved greatly.

But it’s difficult to justify Drummond’s place over any other reserve in the East. Unless, of course, he starts backflipping after each bucket.