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The B-Sides: Kevin Durant made fun of himself and 7 more reasons to love the NBA this week

Durant lightens up, Swaggy P got hypnotized, and much more this week in the NBA!

Whew, what a week it has been in the NBA. Honestly, the new All-Star format seems really great and I think it will do wonders for the actual game next month. Only thing that would have made it better is if, you know, they televised the draft. All signs point to it being televised next year though, so we do have that to look forward to.

There were plenty of things to love in the NBA this week, but here were my favorites.

1. Kevin Durant making fun of himself after the All-Star draft

It’s been a wild ride trying to figure out who Kevin Durant really is for the past two years but this version I am extremely here for. This was fantastic. It is confirmed LeBron picked him No. 1 in the draft on Thursday night.

2. Russell Westbrook thought he got picked last in the All-Star draft

Apparently Russ thought this for the entire game against the Wizards in which he scored 46 points and honestly just destroyed them. He also didn’t get picked last; it was alphabetical order hahahaha.

Thoughts on being picked by LeBron for the All-Star team?

Westbrook: “Oh that’s cool, man. That’s good, man. Finally got the teams figured out.”

Melo interrupts: “Tell ‘em how you really feel. F***.”

Westbrook: “But I see I was the last pick, though, on the list. I’m just trying to figure out how...

Reporters: “Alphabetical order.”

Westbrook to Melo: “See I told you, man! Alphabetical order, man. Of course I was first. Of course, man, what you talking about?”

Russ forever.

3. The Miami Heat “City Edition” jerseys are so damn good

Everything about this jersey release was perfect. The photos, the merch; they even made a dang website for it.

4. LeBron watching his friends and family talk about reaching 30k points

There are a lot of things to take away from this. You can tell he really misses Richard Jefferson, and LeBron flaunts his extensive wine knowledge. But the way he melts when his kids and wife come on the screen is a little more than I can handle.

5. Nick Young being hypnotized.

I don’t even know. But I saw it, so you have to see it too.

6. Boogie and AD’s friendship

I am creating LeBron to NOLA rumors. I want Boogie and AD to stay together forever in New Orleans, and I also want them to win a lot of basketball games. The Pelicans won’t need a point guard if LeBron comes to town next year, so it works. Plus LeBron drafted both of them in his All-Star draft. And tweeted to Boogie this week. I know this wasn’t the point of this B-Sides entry, but I can’t help it.

7. Kevin Love reunites with Russ and calls them the “Bench Mob”

This new All-Star format is giving us so much more to be excited about than normal.

Bench Mob. #TeamLebron #NBAAllStar

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8. Karl-Anthony Towns’ family celebrating his first All-Star appearance

Come on. It’s perfect.

My favorite James Harden photo the week

If you didn’t know, James Harden has James Harden gummies. They look nothing like him. I tried them once. But they are very good. Anyway, here is Harden with a weird sock puppet gummy thing.

James Harden Instagram

Here are the gummies if you really wondered what they look like.

See ya next week, friends. Tweet me your B-Sides, and I’ll include them in the next round.

The B-Sides: Reasons to love the NBA this past week