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Kevin Love threw his warmups on Jeff Green’s head and all the Cavs are laughing about it

Well, except for Cedi Osman.

It’s been a strange week for the Cavaliers. Never mind the fact that the Cavs defeated the Pacers 115-108 on Friday night. After that “emotional team meeting” days prior, people will read into the small moments Kevin Love has with his teammates for the rest of the season. Oh look, here’s one now — behold, as Love takes off his warmups and inexplicably throws it onto Jeff Green.

You can take this one way: that this is Love no longer giving a f*** about the Cavaliers, and when this moment was caught, fans definitely read it that way.

Or you can take this another way: Love knew he was being watched, and he wanted to stir up something. At least that’s what it seemed like when he acknowledged the moment on Twitter.

He was even confronted about it after the game (via

But at least Love and Green were laughing about that one after the game.

Asked about it by reporters outside the locker room, Green went back in and yelled to Love: “You see the (stuff) you started? They think you did that on purpose.”

”It was,” Love said. “I don’t like you Jeff.”

Here’s that short conversation in video form:

For now, we can take this at face value that Love was joking around with Green. I just feel bad Cedi Osman wasn’t in on the joke.

Cedi isn’t mad, he’s just disappointed.

(h/t r/NBA)