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Victor Oladipo’s camera stare became the newest NBA meme

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Oladipo was born to be memed.

Victor Oladipo took a hard foul in the Pacers’ 109-96 win over the Bucks, and the camera caught him perfectly through every stage of his recovery.

First there was the initial shake-up of the hit, then an eye-roll as he realized what had happened. And finally, Oladipo stared straight into the souls of NBA fans.

Voila, a new meme was born:

Twitter completely took this meme and ran with it all through the NBA night and through Alabama’s comeback win in the College Football Championship.

Here were some of the best tweets:

Oladipo is the proud parent of so many memes this season, it’s incredible:

Turns out the Pacers didn’t only win in the Paul George trade based on performance on the court.

They’re also reaping the benefits of having one of the best meme artists not only in the NBA today, but also in NBA history. He’s seriously that good.