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Vince Carter has been dunking for 8 years longer than we ever imagined

Carter threw down a 360 dunk at age 41 for the Hawks. It’s time to stop doubting his ability to do this.

NBAE/Getty Images

Vince Carter is back in the NBA for his 21st season, this time playing for the Atlanta Hawks, the eighth team he’s suited up for in his career. Carter is 41 years old now, making him the oldest player in the NBA.

Don’t worry: he’s still doing Vince Carter things.

That is a casual 360 windmill. At a certain point, we should probably stop being surprised that VC keeps doing this. The GOAT is gonna GOAT.

Carter has been defying Father Time for so long that this fair website now has a rich history of We Can’t Believe Vince Carter Is Still Dunking posts that stretches across our entire existence.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane of all the times an aging Carter amazed us with his dunking ability.

Vince Carter out here posterizing Father Time at age 41

Carter dunked 10 times for the Sacramento Kings last season per basketball-reference, none more beautiful than the final play of this video: his breakaway slam against the Warriors.

Heaven is VC leaking out into transition for a dunk.

40-year-old Vince Carter is dunking in the playoffs

Look at Kawhi Leonard’s business decision here. Jump with the GOAT and challenge him in the air? Nah. Even in a playoff game, you don’t risk getting posterized by an old man.

By the way, Carter had a really good series against the Spurs that year, averaging 11.8 points in 22 minutes per game while shooting 70 percent from three-point range. Memphis got swept by the Spurs anyway.

It’s 2016 and Vince Carter is still throwing down highlight-reel dunks

Vince Carter’s dunking ability has outlasted Vine. Click on that post and you’ll see an old Vince Vine that no longer plays because Vine no longer exists.

Anyway: enjoy Vince Carter’s top five dunks of the 2016 season.

Vince Carter is still throwing down dunks on people in 2015

Carter apparently only had five dunks in 66 games during the 2014-15 season, but you’d never know it from seeing the combination of power and explosiveness he’s showing off in this video. This was another Vine that Vince outlasted.

Vince Carter reminds us of what once was, dunks over Tim Duncan in 2014

Basketball scouts always talk about whether an athlete is a one-foot or two-foot jumper. Here’s Vince Carter, age 37, exploding off one foot to dunk over one of the greatest rim protectors ever in Tim Duncan.

Put this GIF in a time capsule.

Vince Carter throws down a vintage Vince Carter dunk in 2013

No 36-year-old on Earth should have a first step like that, or the effortless explosiveness to throw down so easily in the half court. In hindsight, we really shouldn’t have been so surprised that Vince Carter was doing this in 2013.

Vince Carter Dunks, Finds Fountain Of Youth in 2012

Classic Vince: a one-handed power dunk, a double flex, a primal scream.

Thanks for growing old with our website, Vince. We hope we’re still posting about your dunks 10 years from now.