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A spit take on the Lakers’ suspensions

We have that and more in Monday’s NBA newsletter.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, on national TV, the Lakers and Rockets got into a brawl. It involved Brandon Ingram shoving James Harden in frustration, Rajon Rondo spitting at Chris Paul, Chris Paul booping Rajon Rondo, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul punching each other in the face, and Brandon Ingram belligerently tossing a long-range fist at Chris Paul.

On Sunday, the NBA handed down suspensions: two games for Chris Paul, three games for Rajon Rondo, and four games for Brandon Ingram.

Thus continues Kiki Vandeweghe’s campaign completely arbitrary punishment.

Ingram deserved a couple of games for the wild punch he threw, but tacking on two more games because he supposedly instigated the whole thing by pushing Harden and coming crazy at ref is unfair. Brandon Ingram isn’t the reason Rondo spit at CP3. Giving Ingram extra time because the situation got out of hand is punishing him for the crimes of other.

Two games for CP3 is absurd. He didn’t swing on Rondo when he got spit on -- he swung only once Rondo started throwing haymakers. The NBA concluded that Rondo spit on CP3. That’s the instigation to the actual fight. Rondo then threw the first punch in the ordeal.

Rondo should be getting punished at least double of what CP3 is getting, if not more. And there’s no way Ingram should have a bigger sanction than Rondo, who has a decent disciplinary record. (This is something that’s supposed to matter.)

Of course, this is all a far cry from the 15 games Carmelo Anthony once got for swinging on some Knicks. But there remains little rhyme or reason to the NBA’s suspension rulings.

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Hawks 133, Cavaliers 111
Kings 131, Thunder 120
Warriors 98, Nuggets 100
Rockets 112, Clippers 115

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Be excellent to each other.