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Klay Thompson sets NBA record for threes in a game with 14

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He had 10 in the first half. He left the game in the third quarter!

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Klay Thompson was 5-for-36 from beyond the arc going into Monday’s game between the Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls ... and then he went ahead and set the NBA record for threes in a game, with 14.

Thompson broke the previous record of 13 which was held by Steph Curry (shocker). Thompson played 26 minutes, making his accomplishment even more incredible. He left the game about halfway through the third quarter, with Golden State ahead by 40 points. Ten of his threes came in the first half.

Thompson went 18-for-29 in the game, and 14-24 from range. He also had five rebounds and a steal. Draymond Green had 11 assists, Kevin Durant had 8, and Curry, the man whose record was on the line, had 5.

As you can expect, Twitter went nuts over it. Specifically, many have been calling it “the headband game,” referring to the large headband he wore throughout the contest.

And you can peep the record-setting three here:

The Warriors had 92 points at halftime, and eventually won the game, 149-124.