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A J.R. Smith-Aron Baynes PRESEASON fight ended in a MARCUS SMART ejection. Because of course!

No other information is needed. Of course you’re going to click on this.

It’s the preseason, and we’ve already got fresh J.R. Smith and Marcus Smart beef. PRESEASON!

Smith and Aron Baynes got into a scrap in the first quarter of the Celtics and Cavaliers preseason game on Saturday night. The two were battling in the low post and got tangled up and had to be separated after Smith shoved Baynes across the chest.

That wasn’t all though.

Of course, Marcus Smart got involved, and tried to get in the scrap with Smith. His teammates Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier had to drag him to the ground to prevent Smart from actually throwing punches. Smart was ejected, but without his teammates, this would’ve gotten worse.

After Smart got ejected, Smith waved goodbye. Because the NBA is one giant drama.

This league is so beautiful. And it’s almost back!