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The Wizards are finally doing something right

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We have that and more in Tuesday’s NBA newsletter.

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NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The dirt’s finally flying in DC where multiple reports about internal dissent among the Wizards came out on Monday. Good. Finally. The Wizards have been maddening and terrible all season — 5-11 with a roster that should be top-five in the East — but at least now they are interesting. Now we have names and incidents to explain the evident malaise.

Adrian Wojnarowski first reported that the Zards are listening to trade offers for John Wall and Bradley Beal, then a deluge of reports on recent yelling matches during practices fell out. Beal reportedly lamented the seven years he’s had to deal with the same shtick and blamed management to general manager Ernie Grunfeld’s face. Wall reportedly f-bombed Scot Brooks when Brooks told his stars to raise the intensity of practice. (“Raise your intensity.” “F--k you.” “Not like that, John.”)

We thought this team had a bunch of Cedric Diggorys and maybe even a Hermione Granger or two, but it’s Crabbes and Goyles all the way down. What a shame.

Matt Ellentuck has five steps to fix the team. Jake Whitacre sees Beal’s complaint about seven years of the same s--t and raises him to 30. Dan Devine has a diagnosis and a prescription.


Celtics 112, Hornets 117
Cavaliers 102, Pistons 113
Jazz 94, Pacers 121
Suns 114, Sixers 119
Clippers 127, Hawks 119
Mavericks 88, Grizzlies 98
Nuggets 98, Bucks 104
Spurs 126, Pelicans 140
Thunder 113, Kings 117


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Be excellent to each other.