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If we call James Dolan a genius, will he go away?

We have that and more in Tuesday’s NBA newsletter.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Ian O’Connor wrote an essential, long piece after a 2-hour, 3-minute conversation with Knicks jefe James “Jimmy” “J.D.” Dolan. Tastes differ in journalism. Some might bristle at the long leash Dolan is given to make excuses for his worst moments. Personally, I find that allowing Dolan to hog tie himself with that long leash is useful. Better to give a man a shovel and let him dig than to do it for him.

Among the greatest (worst) hits from the nooks and crannies of Dolan’s mind: He thinks the Garden never had a chance against Anucha Browne’s sexual harrassment lawsuit because a) he didn’t run the defense (no, he’s not a lawyer) and b) it’s hard for corporations to beat minority women in court (seriously?).

That’s probably the most egregious line in there. For more of an ick factor, turn to Dolan’s triumphant claim he cut off Harvey Weinstein as a friend well before the #MeToo movement put Weinstein in headlines. Did Dolan end their friendship because of Weinstein’s treatment of women? Well, no. He had just felt that Harvey changed, that’s all. (Dolan wrote him a letter about it!) Aren’t you proud of J.D. for cutting out Weinstein before the rest of the world did, for reasons unrelated to anything relevant? Dolan sure thinks you should be.

Dolan also takes credit for the ballooning value of the New York Knicks, which is absolutely hilarious, because all NBA teams have seen skyrocketing values. The Nets sold at a valuation of $2.35 billion last year! Congratulations, J.D. -- you didn’t get Sterlinged out of the league. (Yet.)

There’s also stuff about Dolan’s charitable giving and work to end pancreatic cancer. Good on him. I’m glad the billionaire is donating money to good causes. But as we all know, good deeds don’t make a man impervious to critique. And there is plenty to critique.

This is the bottom line with Dolan: he wants credit for everything good that happens in his vicinity, and he has excuses for everything bad that happens in his vicinity. Maybe if we buy him a cake and a “Mission Accomplished” banner and get some hero to cut a $5 billion check we can get him to go away?


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Jazz 97, Rockets 102
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Grizzlies 93, Warriors 110
Blazers 131, Clippers 127


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