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16 best moments from a memorable 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend

The All-Star Game was fun this year, too!

The 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend is over, and as always, there’s a lot to unpack from three days of festivities among the best athletes and biggest celebrities in the nation. This year’s edition was in Los Angeles, and the stars and athletes didn’t disappoint.

Here’s what we’ll remember from it.

Fergie’s ... interesting ... anthem performance birthed a Draymond Green meme

Here’s Fergie’s performance alright.

Fergie certainly sang the national anthem. She did. The anthem, that is what she sang.

Then, in the most perfect way possible, the camera panned to Draymond Green as Fergie was singing, and Green could not hold himself together.

So, here’s the meme:

Twitter wasn’t done with the Fergie roast either:

Neither was Steph Curry:

LeBron James and Kevin Durant locked down Curry to win the All-Star Game

Here’s about 14 inches of wingspan between two of the greatest players ever to stop the greatest shooter of all time in an All-Star Game.

What a finish that the NBA couldn’t have scripted any better! James was so happy.

Dennis Smith Jr. had one of the best dunk contest slams ever!

He better get another chance to win it all.

Larry Nance Jr. dunked just like his dad did

Nance didn’t win it either, but his tribute to his father was spot-on.

His double-tap dunk was amazing too.

Donovan Mitchell’s incredible dunk contest performance

There’s some Mitchell-Nance controversy over who deserved to win, but Mitchell had an impressive showing regardless in his win.

He had an awesome tribute to his sister, too.

Devin Booker set a record with 28 points in his three-point shootout win

He was on FIRE, just edging out Klay Thompson.

Joel Embiid forgot to take the tag off his shorts in the skills competition


James rebuked a FOX News report where he was told to “shut up and dribble”

“We will definitely not shut up and dribble,” James said. “I will definitely not do that.”

Then he wore these shoes:

Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel asked Nance Jr. how James smells

Ha! Ha! Ha! What?

13 Basketball Hall of Fame finalists were named!

They include Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Ray Allen, Maurice Cheeks, Grant Hill, Chris Webber, Katie Smith, Tina Thompson, coach Charles “Lefty” Driesell, coach Kim Mulkey, coach Rudy Tomjanovich, referee Hugh Evans, and the Wayland Baptist University women’s team.

Those elected will be announced at the Final Four on March 31.

Bogdan Bogdanovic balled out in the rising stars challenge

The MVP finished with 26 points on seven threes!

Quavo won an MVP and crushed the All-Star Game halftime show

The former high school quarterback had 19 points, and flashed moves too.

He euro-stepped:

And SWATTED a shot: