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Hello, the Grizzlies lost to the Hornets by 61 damn points


Well, the Grizzlies are tanking. I mean they are REALLY tanking.

On Thursday night, they lost to the Hornets by 61 freaking points. Yes, 61 points. You read that correctly. It was a 55-point lead at halftime, but Charlotte took their foot off the entire gas pedal in the second half. It’s the largest margin of victory ever for the Hornets, just seven points shy of the all-time record of 68 points.

Did I say the Grizzlies are tanking? They’re 19-53 and tied for worst record in the NBA with the Suns.

It was all over from the start, as Kemba Walker came out absolutely firing on all cylinders. He hit a franchise record of 10 three-pointers in the game, finishing with 46 points in only three quarters. He didn't’ even have to play the third. No need at all.

Our friends over at Grizzly Bear Blues seemed to take it well.

But hey! A potential No. 1 draft pick could be on the way for Memphis. That has to fix a little of the pain, right? The NBA did say they were going to crack down on teams that are tanking and, uh, Memphis, you may want to look out.